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GoScope 40m Red Filter (121159)

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Product Overview
  • Optimum Blue Water Color Correction

  • Effective from 15 to 70 feet

  • Reversible Design! Store on the side while filming in shallow water.

  • Includes Micro Fiber Storage Bag

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Restore color to your underwater video and photos!

GoPro Filter – Red Filter

The GoScope Red Filter offers amazing color correction in Tropical Water. The filter securely snaps onto the front and side of the GoPro Hero3+ Housing and is reversible for storing on the side of the GoPro. The filter can be used to correct the colors between 15 and 70 feet under water. GoScope has logged over 200 engineering man hours of R&D to ensure the optimum color correction. The proof is in the pudding!  Check out the example below and notice the difference with and without the GoScope Red Filter!

The Magic of the Red Filter:

When filming below 15 feet of water the wavelength of red light disappears. The red filter corrects for the loss of the red light wavelength resulting in a more true representation of color.

Optimum Color Correction

Many hours of testing and design have gone into the exact coloration of the red tint. The bluish/green washed out affect that are normally recorded by your GoPro will be replaced by vivid colors matching what you see under water.

Lens Sizing Guide

Please see the lens sizing guide picture to make sure your Lens will fit the right GoPro Housing.

Durable Frame

Durability is a must for all GoPro users! All GoScope Red Lenses are reinforced by a super strong polycarbonate frame.

The GoScope Guarantee

This product is covered by a 365 Day Manufactures Warranty.

No available specification for this product.

GoScope Red Filter

  • Warranty


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