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  • The latest issue of M Magazine is now available and presents a wide variety of articles from the world of Leica rangefinder photography.

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The New M Magazine Presents Fascinating Photographic Projects by Acclaimed Leica Photographers

Wetzlar, 19 January 2017. The latest issue of M Magazine is now available and presents a wide variety of articles from the world of Leica rangefinder photography. The now fifth issue of the magazine features a ‘best of’ historic photographs by Ernesto Bazan, captivating reportage work by Peter Bauza and José Colón, impressive images captured by Fred Mortagne and Giovanni del Brenna and emotive insights into the life of Russian children in a summer camp by Claudine Doury. What’s more, an essay celebrating the 10th anniversary of digital M-Photography leads readers through the history of the system and presents its latest milestone – the Leica M10.

Essay: 10 Years of Digital M
Or, to put it differently – 62 years of the M system! Its digitisation has enabled Leica’s rangefinder camera to remain what it has always been: a tool that combines precision and simplicity in an unparalleled manner. The M has shaped photography culture like no other niche product. In the tenth year of the digital M, Leica are releasing the M10 – affirming that the classic rangefinder concept transcends fashion.

José Colón: Viva la Virgen!
They come on horseback, in beautifully decorated carriages, in simple donkey carts, or on foot: over one hundred brotherhoods set out just before Whitsun for the village of El Rocío, to pay tribute to the Holy Virgin. With over a million participants, this pilgrimage is the largest in Spain, as well as one enormous party. Spanish photographer José Colón presents images of a typical tradition from his homeland, Andalusia.

Claudine Doury: Summertime in Crimea
Founded in 1925 as a recreational camp for children, Artek on the Crimean Peninsula was reconstructed during the Khrushchev era and, with its innovative architectural imagery, became a object of prestige for the CPSU’s General Secretary. To spend the summer there was the dream of many youngsters in the Soviet Union. Nowadays, the pioneer camp is experiencing a revival. Claudine Doury travelled to a hideaway of nostalgia.

Fred Mortagne: Modern Lines
Fred Mortagne is well known within the skateboarder community. Recognising that the big city is the natural biotope for a skater, the French photographer has dedicated his series to this quintessential location. Mortagne, who is known on the scene simply as French Fred, has developed an incredible sense for the unusual perspectives and alignments found in urban spaces.

Peter Bauza: The Flip Side of the Coin
One city, two worlds: in recent times, Brazil has hosted a couple of major sports events, amongst them the Football World Cup and the Olympic Games. While joyous victors celebrated their medals in Rio de Janeiro, hundreds of families occupy building ruins just some kilometres away from the city. Photographer Peter Bauza shows that this surreallike no man’s land is a real place.

Ernesto Bazan: Cuba, mon Amour
From 1992 to 2006, Ernesto Bazan shared the life, loves and suffering of Cuban locals, before he was obliged to leave the country. Fourteen intense years gave rise to an extensive body of work, where the photographer avoids all clichés to reveal the soul of the country. Ten years after leaving the place he loves so much we talked about hope and feelings, memories and patience.

Giovanni Del Brenna: Assumptions
The people Giovanni Del Brenna photographs on the streets of Paris appear to have no faces. They do not even know they are being photographed. With this approach, Del Brenna is dealing with his own, and our, ignorance in view of the social masquerade playing out in public spaces. He focusses on the clothing and other clues that lead to speculation about the individuals.
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Leica M- Magazine No. 5


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