16687 MindShift Gear Filter Hive Mini Filter Pouch 2008 Pouches MINDSHIFT GEAR

MindShift Gear Filter Hive Mini Filter Pouch (124555)

$75.00 75.00
Product Overview
  • Holds 4 Filters up to 4 x 6"

  • Padded Folding Pouch

  • Color-Coded Pockets

  • Soft-Lined Interior

  • Folds Flat

  • Weather-Resistant Exterior

  • Touch-Fastened Closure

  • Top Carry Handle

Shipping: $9.90

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The black Filter Hive Mini Filter Pouch from MindShift Gear holds up to four 4 x 6" (100 x 150mm) filters inside four slip pockets. Each pocket is color-coded so that filters can be organized within this pouch according to your preference. This pouch features a touch-fastened closure and folds flat when not in use. Its padded, soft-lined interior protects your filters from bumps and impacts, plus a weather-resistant exterior helps to ensure that the pouch's contents remain dry. A top-carry handle is also provided for instances when this pouch is being transported while outside of a larger bag or case.

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MindShift Gear Filter Hive Mini Filter Pouch


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